"Detroit Brothers"--the recent most 'notorious kids' among Japanese music world -- are the outsiders of the Garage Instruments field, who proclaims that they are from the state of Michigan, US??!!

These bad guys have committed a number of bad things in the US. Needless to say, whenever they show up in Japan, they smuggle themselves. Once you are marked by theses guys, you must be careful.
You are most likely on their Hit List. Don't forget! It's their policy, "Never hit (kill) women and kids". Yes, WOMAN is their weak point. Of course, Detroit Brothers is against Terrorism.

Let me tell you about their sounds.
Detroit Akutsu, a guitarist and a leader of the group, writes most of their songs. He does not stick to Surf-Inst but rather has been greatly influenced by Garage Bands such as Billy Childish (UK) and some other groups from the US.
He was also influenced by Neo Rockabilly, such as Stray Cats (Brian Setzer), and Psychobilly, who appeared afterwards. This background is a root of his uniqueness as a guitarist. Detroit Hatakeyama, Detroit Nyuta and Detroit Ito were brought up with listening Hard Rock. With all these members' backgrounds, you can tell that Detroit Brothers is a unique group in the current Garage-Inst world. Another distinction of this group is its "percussionist".

It is a bad news for the fans that the number of their live is very limited --5 or 6 per year. All the members are so busy flying over the world for their life work.

In August of 2000, they released their first original album, inviting Detroit Bros.' god father, Shigeo "Prince of the Surf Guitar" Naka from "The Surf Coasters", as a Guest guitarist (he got to take this responsibility as a god father). If you haven't, you'd better hear this survival play costarring "Prince of the Surf Guitar" and "The outsiders of the Surf music", or I bet you should regret.

In September of 2001, Detroit Yoko joined the group as a percussionist.

Their evolution continues. They released long-awaited short album titled gDetroit Cadillac" in September 2002. This time again, inviting Shigeo Naka as a producer, the album appeared to be, not limited to a Surf-Inst category, but a collection of authentic Rock'n' Roll sounds.

In December 2002, the DVD entitled "Drug Me Crazy!!" was released exclusively in Japan. Simultaneously, their famous rare first album, "Murdered by the Surf Music" -- Re-Mastered version -- was released.

January 2003, Detroit Nyuta and Detroit Ito left the band after the Japan Tour. In turn, Detroit Johnson and Detroit C-Class, who were the Prison mates of Detroit Akutsu and Detroit Hatakeyama, joined the team.
September 2003, sooner the World Tour started than they released three albums in a row within three months, started with "Hit Me If You Can" and followed by "Run & Hide" and "Detroit Bros. Tokyo Sessions".
December 2003, after the World Tour closed, Detroit Yoko got kidnapped by an Asian-American guy. Detroit Bros had to give up her comeback and Yoko virtually backout.

May 2004, Joined in the 10th Anniversary live event of "The Surf Coasters".

Performed lives on a monthly basis in 2005 and 2006.

September 2006 After three years of planning and two years of recording, they finally released an album, "Dirty Money". And in this occasion, Detroit C-Class changed their group name to "Detroit Master". Started the World Tour to commemorate the new album launch.

The Brothers contiunues to run around the world with accelerating their powerful Rock'n' Roll.

Now you better maximize the volume! Or they may be right behind you... We never know what the four hit men would do....